Jungle Girl

12:59 PM

Hey!! It feels so good to be back. As Princess mentioned in our previous post, we took a little break,  but we are back in full force. We are so excited for what the future holds for fashionable duo and are glad that you have embarked on this crazy but exciting journey with us.

Funny story about this dress. I had originally bought it full price at Zara and totally fell in love with it. I decided to wash and dry it not realizing that it is a hand wash only type of dress. I was absolutely upset when I brought it out of the dryer and it looked like it belonged to a 10 year old. You can imagine the horror on my face. However,  I came to terms with the fact that I had lost one of my favorite dresses. One glorious day I walked into Zara, because they were,  and still are having an amazing sale. I walked over to the dress section, and what did I see?? My dress at a much discounted price! I didn't think twice about it, I grabbed the dress as fast as I could with a big smile on my face and walked right to the register. I was soo happy that I got a second chance with a dress I loved.

The you are coming home with me look!

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