Lovely in Lace

12:13 PM

This lovely lace blouse was another great find from the Zara sale! I love it so much because its so girly and classy, even though it has a gothic-victorian look to it. I paired it with this high waisted mini skirt I picked up from H&M like 4 years ago for only $5! Yup, you read that right, $5! There was some crazy online sale then, and I put that in my bag not even knowing how it would fit me. I've worn it only a handful of times since I got it, and each time I'm so happy I made the decision to get it. Finishing off the look is my favorite pair of shoes, EVER! My Stuart Weitzman lowlands! OK, so the story about how i got these shoes: they were a surprise Christmas gift from the other half of fashionableduo, Buife! I was eyeing these boots for a while, and jokingly hinted at them when asked what I wanted for my secret santa gift. I was ABSOLUTELY NOT expecting to get them, and was going to save up to buy them after Christmas (after bouncing back from all the holiday shopping), but on Christmas day when we opened gifts, I was in for a huge surprise! I was so happy, and in shock that I actually cried, and I never cry! I'm so grateful for them, and I will wear them everyday if I could. They're definitely going to be my winter and fall staple.

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