Over-The-Knee Obsessed

2:01 PM

We're back! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and a Happy start to their New Year! It has honestly been so hard to take pictures in the winter. Sometimes it's just so cold that we don't feel like taking off our coats while outside. Needless to say, a lot of cute outfits have gone to waste ;) lol. But I'm so happy to be back. I missed blogging! Now, the outfit: Zara had a really great sale so I picked up a few things. This checkered dress was too short for me, but I decided to get it anyway, I knew that I would be able to wear it with leggings and my new Over the Knee Boots from Stuart Weitzman (OBSESSSSSSEEEDDDDD!!!!!!). I promise to go into more details on another post about the boots, and how I got them. But for now, enjoy the pics below :) Till next time!


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