Turning Twenty Eight

1:45 PM

Turning 28..... for some reason that number 28 scared me a bit. It is something I have thought about for weeks. 28 means so many things, but most of all, it means that I am two years closer to 30. Have I achieved everything I want to achieve or everything society says that I should have achieved at the age of 28? I approached the day with caution and tried not to over think it. 

April 22nd came and immediately I was overwhelmed with love, and not a worry in the world. As I got on the train to the city and looked at everyone around me, I quickly realized that I'm the only one that can put an age bracket on what I need to achieve in life. Whether I'm turning 30 or 40, it doesn't matter. I am never too old or young to achieve whatever my heart desires.


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