The Perfect Espadrille

12:45 AM

Ahhh!!! I love these espadrilles so much! They are the perfect spring/summer shoes and I cant wait to continue to rock them this summer. Once I saw them, I knew I had to get them, plus, they give me a little extra height which I always love ;)!  When you look good, you feel good, and I was feeling great in these wedge espadrilles! These shoes also come in a lovely coral, blush, and black and can be found here! 
A little fun fact about the day I wore these shoes: my sisters and I were coming back home from a concert in Manhattan, and were LITERALLY 58 seconds from missing our train. We got out the connecting train at Penn station and made a mad dash to the track which at the time, seemed like the farthest track away. I ran like a professional athlete in these espadrilles (Rio 2016 anyone?) and was so surprised we were able to make it with only a couple seconds to spare. So, not only do these shoes look good, when the time presents itself, they can also double as trusty running shoes ;)


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