Blush & Bashful

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Ok, the title of this post is a play on words on one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies: Steel Magnolias, which stars one of my favorite actresses, Julia Roberts. In a scene she's asked what the colors of her wedding are going to be and she happily replies  "blush & bashful", to which her mother responds "her colors are pink and pink". LOL. Honestly, I totally get where Shelby (character's name) was coming from, as pink is definitely one of my favorite colors, and will undoubtedly be in my future wedding somehow. I realllly love this blush duster/ kimono jacket so much, it's super lightweight, and so easy-breezy. (Although I had to steam the heck out of it the night before). Once I received it, I knew EXACTLY how I wanted to style it: with all white and tan sandals. The only problem was that I didn't have the solid white tank top I wanted and was instantly on a hunt to find the perfect one. I finally found this one and the day after it arrived, I wore this outfit. I love the soft look of the duster, as it gives off a feminine vibe to it - which is also why I wanted to wear it with all white, to give the look an overall ~airy~ feel. I felt really good in this outfit, and super confident as well, which is a far cry from bashful. 

CURRENTLY:  Thinking about the fact that I haven't seen Snow White in a while and wondering why it's not on Netflix.

Not sure why I was laughing this much lol

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