Gingham Style

4:05 PM

It's no secret that Gingham is a big hit this summer! It seems like everywhere you look, there's a fashionista rocking this print in so many colors and in so many fun ways! I've seen gingham print in bathing suits, rompers, cute jumpsuits, pants, skirts, you name it! I love how fun and creative and BOLD people are with this trend, and I hope it's not one that goes away as any other quick fad. I still have so many styles I want to try this summer! Especially the bathing suit trend! This top isn't too high on the boldness scale, but I have to say, I don't think I've ever worn bows this big on my sleeves...or anywhere else! But as soon as i saw this top online, I felt like i just had to get it. Toned it down by pairing it with my white pants, and Steve madden Kanzley sandals (picked up at DSW) and my go-to bag and was good to go! Got so many compliments on this top, and I look forward to other gingham styles my closet craves. I also just love saying  the word "gingham", and this blog title is clearly a play on words of that one song that drove everyone crazy five summers ago. Unlike this style though, I got tired of that song within the first month! Now that's one fad I was glad to see go away 👋

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