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Hey guys! So I recently turned 25, and celebrated with my family taking me out to brunch. When I saw this floral halter dress in express, I immediately gravitated towards it because of the fun and flirty look to it. Hence the title of the post: Flirty 25! I reeallly love this dress! It's so cute, fun, and flirty! As you can tell by the pictures, I really enjoyed swinging in this dress because of the layers, they gave it sort of a flapper feel to it and I was loving every moment of it!   

I'm so excited to be 25! At first, I was a little worried because it felt like 25 came out of nowhere!, and I absolutely did not feel ready to be 25. Being 25 meant that I was an official adult. That's it, no more age restrictions for anything. When it dawned on me that I was already a quarter century old, it felt like a train was moving so fast and I had to hop on whether I was ready or not! But now, I'm a lot more comfortable with it. And I'm happy to be healthy, and alive at twenty-five! I cant wait to see what the next quarter century looks like!

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