One Shoulder Flounce

1:35 PM

Well...We're baack! We're so sorry for the long break. Let's just dive right in. Over the break I picked up a new toy ;) My Louis Vuitton speedy 30. It's a very functional bag and holds a ton! If you're looking to start a Louis Vuitton collection, or looking to buy your first designer bag, I would suggest the speedy as a great starter bag. It's one of their cheaper bags, and it's a classic, which I don't see running out of style anytime soon! Little fun fact: Audrey Hepburn was actually the catalyst of the LV Speedy's popularity. She loved the Keepall bag (the much bigger, dufffel version) but wanted a smaller size that was easier to carry - to which the speedy was born! 

The weather was a little bit hot, but also chilly, so I wore this cute one shoulder flounce top, and kept the look casual with jeans and my trusty Soludos wedges. Also occasionally wore my Zara leather jacket around my shoulders when it got chilly.


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