First Post: All black and a touch of beige

8:21 PM

 Yay! The first official blog post! So excited! It's been a long time coming. LOL. I've made about 7 blogs in the past and have never been able to finish them. Last night, Buife and I spontaneously decided to create a joint fashion blog. Because, why not? We love getting dressed up, and we LOVE fashion. This is a way to document our fashionable adventures ;). Again, thanks for stopping by, and I can't wait to see what this new chapter brings!  

Today was quite a chilly day in the city. After church, on our way to lunch, Buife and I decided to stop and take some pics. Even though I'm wearing a long sleeved black top, I was still freezing cold, but i braved it because....Fashion ;)

I decided to pair my beige sleeveless trench coat with black skinnies, black booties,  and a black sweater. 

My Favorite new accessory also made a great addition! I love my louis Eva Clutch. It has a casual, yet classy and chic look to it. More on this clutch on another blog post!

P.S: I'm originally 5'11, so i'd say I'm about 6'2 in these booties. :)

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